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Discover the essential features the modern website calculators depend on…learn how to increase your website revenue in two easy steps.
Online website value calculators are common tools which are used by webmasters and website owners to track the performance of their websites. The modern online calculators have been designed in such a way that they can provide all the valuable information about a website. These scripts can analyze the following key features: search engine optimization statistics, website server statistics, PageRank, bounce rate, Alexa rank, number of indexed pages, domain authority, traffic statistics, etc. By collecting all this information and subsequently analyzing all these parameters; it is possible to evaluate and ultimately get an accurate estimate of a website worth. The modern websitecalculators put more emphasis on accuracy.
The responsive design and the featured statistics are some of the most crucial elements that every website calculator should focus on at all cost. A good script should be tested and analyzed just to be sure that it meets the required criteria which can enable it to provide approximate estimations.
The responsive design of website calculators

The number of smartphone and tablet users has increased over the past years which has compelled various website owners to design websites which are responsive. As a result, most online website evaluation tools have been designed to be fully responsive since this is the only way they can be able to analyze responsive websites. There are a number of factors which have led to the design of fully responsive websites and online website calculator scripts:

Smartphones and tablets; the traffic, which is originating from these devices has been increasing exponentially in the recent past. This is because, most people find it comfortable to access the internet using these devices. This has been the main reason why there was need to design a website which can fit all devices without the content getting distorted.

The user experience; an excellent user experience will encourage users to consume the content which is available on a particular webpage. You can only provide an optimal user experience by designing a website which is responsive. They should get the same quality of information irrespective of whether they’re using a smart-TV, desktop computer or a tablet. Moreover, responsive websites will ensure that all users get a consistent and the best user experience on all devices and operating systems be it iOS, Windows or Android. This saves the website owners from building other websites for other platforms for their audience who are using other devices such as smartphones. It has been a major reason why most people prefer the responsive website calculator scripts.
The featured statistics of a website calculator
These online calculators can analyze a number of aspects which affect the total revenue of various websites. These factors include:
Google PageRank; Google uses this parameter to establish the position of a website in its search results. It is advisable to use links from websites with higher PageRank since it can improve a page’s authority.
Page speed score; the pages should be optimized and fast since this will improve on website visitor engagement, conversion and retention. Apparently, the Google analytics has incorporated other aspects such as the page size, page load time, etc.
Bounce rate; it is an aspect which is used to measure the rate at which visitors visit only one page within a website. Normally, this page is referred to as a landing page. When there’s a high bounce back rate, then it implies that the landing page is not relevant to the audience.
Domain authority; this refers to the strength of a website over a given period of time. It can be used to predict how a website will perform in the future.

The modern online website calculators have been designed to factor all these aspects in the equation to get the most accurate estimate.


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